Atriuum is a browser-based library automation system, giving patrons instant access to the thousands of resource materials housed at each school's library from any Internet connected computer or mobile device.

Compass Learning Odyssey

The CompassLearning Odyssey® suite of learning solutions includes lessons and activities that are based on current and confirmed research about the way today’s students think and learn. Odyssey curricula for primary and secondary students facilitate differentiated and personalized instruction, while formative assessments and reporting tools help drive data-driven decision making.

Keyboarding Online

Keyboard Mastery (50-60 hours) is an intensive course that will teach beginners how to keyboard correctly and teach more experienced students to keyboard faster. Covered are: alphabetic keys, punctuation, numbers and symbols; with over 560 timed drills.

PowerSchool (Beginning 2013-2014 School Year)

PowerSchool is the fastest-growing, most widely used web-based student information system, supporting 10 million students in all 50 states and over 65 countries. PowerSchool enables today's educators to make timely decisions that impact student performance while creating a collaborative environment for parents, teachers and students to work together in preparing 21st century learners for the future.

PowerSchool provides the full range of features needed by administrators at the district and school level in addition to portals for teachers, parents, and students.

Renaissance Place (RP)

Renaissance Place is an internet server package that is used to deliver the Renaissance Learning suite of educational software.  Most commonly called "A.R." the system is actually a number of separate software programs that target very different areas.  The Scott County Schools currently use Renaissance Place to deliver Star Early Literacy, Star Reading, MathFacts in a Flash, Accelerated Math, and of course, Accelerated Reader.

RP:  Accelerated Reader

Created in 1985 and defined as "reading management software," Accelerated Reader is intended to help "teachers guide students' independent reading practice and motivate students to read more books." "AR" is an assessment that determines whether a student has read a book, with more efficiency, speed, and accuracy than a book report would because it is computer-scored. The software provides additional information to teachers about reading rates, amount of reading, and other variables related to reading.

RP:  STAR Reading

STAR Reading is a computer-adaptive reading test and database that assesses students' reading levels and provides norm-referenced reading scores for students in grades 1 through 12.

RP:  STAR Early Literacy

STAR Early Literacy is a computer-adaptive diagnostic assessment of literacy skills of students in grades Pre-K through 3. It assesses phonemic awareness, phonics, and other readiness and literacy skills, and identifies strengths and weaknesses in these skills.

RP:  Accelerated Math

Accelerated Math, is a math management program that is designed to work with any curriculum or textbook. It generates "personalized math assignments at each student's level," and scores the assignments via scanner. It also provides reports and record-keeping functions to monitor student progress and address individual needs.

RP:  MathFacts in a Flash

MathFacts is intended to enhance the mastery of computational fluency. Similar to math flash cards on a computer, it provides practice with addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and other math facts. It allows students to work at their own pace and provides immediate feedback on areas of difficulty. It includes timed tests and reports of individual progress.

RP:  Renaissance Home Connect

Renaissance Home Connect improves the school-to-home connection by allowing parents and students to log in to a Web site and view the student’s reading and math practice and progress towards goals. Access to online results promotes discussion between parents and students, which motivates students and can make reading and math practice even more effective.  In addition, parents can specify up to six email addresses to receive automatic updates in English or Spanish on their student’s math and reading progress.


SchoolReach is a mass notification system used to send thousands of messages to the parents, students, and staff in a short time.   Outbound messages can take the form of recorded voice, email or short text messages.  SchoolReach is used by thousands of schools for School Cancellations, Emergency Notification, General Announcements, Absentee Notifications, Lunch Balance Notifications, Parent Polls and Surveys, and Bus Route Change Notifications.

vClass (Moodle)

Moodle is an Open Source Course Management System (CMS), also known as a Learning Management System (LMS) or a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). It is very popular among educators around the world as a tool for creating online dynamic web sites for their students.