Homebound is where we send a teacher to the home of a student who is unable to attend school due to an illness or injury.

Homebound is not meant to replace or to be equivalent to being in school. It is simply a way to help students keep from getting behind while they are out sick.  In order for homebound to be successful, the student should work at home as he is able.

In order to qualify for homebound instruction, the need must be certified in writing by a doctor using our approved homebound form. These forms are available at each school, from the central office, or online. No child can be considered to be on homebound until the form is received by the Homebound Office and a teacher assigned. The doctor will estimate the time required for the homebound services. If a child needs to stay on homebound longer, it is the family’s responsibility to get another form signed extending the homebound before the first homebound expires.

For more about homebound instruction, please see the section entitled homebound rules.

Homebound is not the same as “home school.” For more information on home school options, please see the home school section of our website.

Keith Murley
Supervisor of Homebound Instruction


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