Tennessee’s education system is based on the twin assumptions that students are in class every day they are physically able and that being in school leads to success in school.

The good news is that these common sense assumptions are proven to be true by experience and scientific study.  This is a testament to the dedication of our teachers, the quality of our schools, and the abilities of our children.
Students who are in school every day do very well; much better in fact than other students who miss more. If students are in school regularly they are more likely to make better grades and to be happier at school.  Students who are regular attenders do better on standardized tests as well as regular classroom work;  As might be expected, students who miss even as little as 10 days per year perform less well on all measures of student achievement.

Attendance Supervisor

Being in school is so important that every school system in our state is required to have an attendance supervisor. Once known as the “truancy officer” the duties of today’s attendance supervisor are much broader and far reaching than just finding truant students. He or she counsels students and parents, serves as the liaison with the court system and law enforcement, oversees all aspects of the attendance accounting program, does state reporting and more. Here in Scott County, the attendance supervisor also oversees the homebound program and serves as the home school coordinator.
Scott County’s current attendance supervisor is Keith Murley. He can be reached at 423-663-2159 or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.