As our phase-in for the virtual academy continues, please continue to check into your grade level Team, look for the questions in the Post tab, and submit your response in the class notebook (instructions are below).  

  • Accessing ClassLink & Teams 

                How To Access ClassLink 

                How To Access Microsoft Teams via ClassLink 

                How To Access Class Notebook 


Please do the following:

  1. Log into your Class Link. 
  2. From Class Link go to the Microsoft Teams 
  3. Select the Team for your grade level. (Grade level is the grade you are currently in K-8). 
  4. I will have a question posted on the Post tab in your grade level Teams. Please respond to the post.
  5. Go into your class notebook and click on the Technology Tab. 
  6. Open Today's page and follow the instructions on the page and complete the tasks assigned.
  • For K-2:   (Day 3 = Wed 9/2, Day 4 = Thur 9/3, Day 5 = Fri 9/4) 
  • For 3-12:  (Day 8 = Wed 9/2, Day 9 = Thur 9/3, Day 10 = Fri 9/4) 

  *Note:  High School Students go to your class teams and check for assignments from your regular class teachers. 

** If you have difficulty accessing Teams, please send me an email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).  Try to send it using the Outlook icon in ClassLink, but you can send it from a personal email account as well.  We will then try to figure out how to resolve your issue.   Thank you for your patience and understanding!