Scott High School Principal Jeremy Hamby would like to announce the Scott High School Class of 2023 Top Academic Students.

The Class of 2023 is the twelfth graduating class to complete the school’s honors program, which includes three main criteria for recognition: coursework, achievement, and service learning. Each of the top academic students has completed a very strategic honors program that highlights achievement and acceleration in today’s high school studies. Each student has completed honors coursework in math, English, science, and social studies. They have taken additional advanced math and science courses as well as participating in multiple dual enrollment courses. Each of the 18 students has a grade point average exceeding 4.0 and will graduate with 21-24 college credit hours. In order to qualify for top academic honors, each student was also required to achieve a level of college readiness on the ACT and complete 20 hours of community service during their senior year.

Valedictorians:  Jerica Clark is the daughter of Jeremy Clark of Robbins. Anthony Scott Jeffers is the son of Tony and Jodi Jeffers of Huntsville. Nora Grace Lay is the daughter of Joe Don and Tara Lay of Oneida. Olivia Michelle Rector is the daughter of Scott and Melissa Rector of Oneida. Riley Price is the daughter of Karen Stanley and John Price of Helenwood. William Kenneth Russ is the son of Travis and Tammy Russ of Helenwood. Mary Katelynd Tucker is the daughter of Mandy and Michael Tucker of Oneida. Annalyne Shay Woodward is the daughter of Sharon Woodward of Huntsville.

Salutatorians:  Nolan Quinn Cotton is the son of Stephanie Erwin and Jared Cotton of Oneida. Claudia Louise Harness is the daughter of Troy and Kathrine Harness of Robbins. Taylor Mason is the daughter of Douglas Mason and Amy Day of Pioneer.

Top Academics Students: Elijah Asberry is the son of Christina and Steven Asberry of Helenwood. Kalin Nicol Jeffers is the daughter of Stephen and Kimberly Jeffers of Oneida. Kaitlyn Norris is the daughter of Leesa and Johnny Norris of Pioneer. Ava Grace Silcox is the daughter of Sharon and the late Arvel Silcox of Pioneer. Gavin Cole Terry is the son of Daniel and Susan Terry and Angela Cloud of Oneida. Bralyn Zachary is the daughter of Benny and Francis Zachary. Grey Matthew Todd is the son of Matt and Andi Todd of Helenwood.

Congratulations Seniors and Parents!!!