celebrating “50 Years on The Farm”

After lengthy discussions and many, many considerations, the Heritage Festival Committee has concluded that postponing the fall festival event is in the best interest of all students and staff at Scott High. This decision was not made lightly or without extensive deliberations of all faculty & staff contributors.

For us to host a successful festival, there is one key ingredient – STUDENTS.  Students are critical to facilitating all of our major activities and events on festival day.  With the high number (and climbing) of students in quarantine, it leaves us in a difficult position of trying to host this event with unreliable student participation.

Students train and practice for weeks prior to the Festival. With continually increasing COVID contacts at school and in the community, students are being quarantined daily, and we cannot guarantee that fully prepared students will be available on festival day. We pride ourselves on producing a quality event and would not want the community to be disappointed in the scaled back version that would inevitably result.

More measures are taking place inside of school to keep students and teachers safe and attending classes in-person.  We simply believe this needs a little more time to work. We are obviously disappointed, but truly believe this is best plan for all involved.

More information on the Spring Heritage & Homecoming Festival will be forthcoming in late January 2022.  We are excited for this new opportunity and look forward to a full-scale festival as the flowers bloom!