All school buildings will be closed for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year.  However, our @Home Learning programs will continue throughout the normally scheduled end of the school year with a focus on helping students complete their current assignments and achieve a (P)assing grade for Semester 2.  Per school board policy voted on 4/16/2020, the Spring Semester (S2) grading policy has been modified to the following:

2019-20 Spring Semester grades (S2)

· All S2 grades 70-100 earn a grade of “P” for pass

· All S2 grades 69-0 earn a grade of “I” for Incomplete

· These students should continue to work through @Home Learning to improve their S2 grade to the “P” category as long as the school year remains actively in-session.

· To improve the S2 grade, a student will first be allowed to turn in any previously assigned work from the @Home Learning period. If this does not raise the S2 grade to the “P” category, then new activities will be assigned and scored until the student’s S2 grade improves to the “P” category.

· If the S2 grade has not improved to the “P” category by the end of the active school year, then the student will be issued an “F” for fail. All students who receive an “F” will be referred to Summer School options, as available, for extended grade/credit recovery.

· Principals will review every student’s record before being issued an “F” to ensure compliance with board policy/regulations.

Additional considerations for BOE policy:

High school – Grade Point Averages (GPA) – The 2019-20 Spring Semester will not be calculated into the student’s cumulative grade point average. The only exception to this will be during the student’s graduating year in consideration of scholarships and local honors designations. At that time, if the inclusion of the 19-20 Spring Semester grades (raw letter grade scores) will improve the student’s cumulative GPA, then it will be used to benefit the student.

High school – Dual Credit/Enrollment courses – The exemptions and grading alterations found inside this policy do not apply to local dual credit/enrollment courses. The S2 grades for these courses will be issued by the overseeing post-secondary agencies and applied to high school